Can dehydration cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes..Dehydration can contribute significantly to erectile dysfunction. For a man to get proper erection and reach orgasm , a lot of body systems need to work properly which includes nerves around the penis to the blood that is pumped to the body. If any of these is not working properly erectile dysfunction may occur. And this is a very common and serious problem when a man gets older but it occurs in young guys also. And dehydration is one of the most possible explanation for temporary erectile dysfunction. If any of the body’s fluid level is low and if caused by dehydration then ED will surely occur.

What is the connection ?

When we get sexually aroused, our brain releases hormones which makes changes in our body. This change stimulates our reproductive system and penis and scrotum to become sensitive. These hormones are responsible to boost blood pressure and increase blood flow to penis. After this process only , penis erection occurs and is ready for sexual intercourse.

In several study it has been found that reduction in amount of plasma with red blood cells causes ED which is directly related to hydration level in our body. So it is highly important to amount of water in body. As our body will be more hydrated , the red blood cells in body and plasma will be circulated properly to our reproductive organs. A hormone called Angiotensin signals when the body does not get enough water. This causes problem in men to maintain stable erections.

What is the solution?

This is a serious issue and men should never ignore it. Ignorance can make situation worse. Erectile dysfunction can cause anxiety problem which can further cause premature ejaculation.

So drinking enough water is the best way to overcome this problem. We should always think of keeping our genital temperatue cool. A cool genital temperature will help in more sperm production. Heat can totally damage the sperm count.

Drink atleast 3-4 litres of water everyday. It simply does not mean that drink 3 litres at once and forget for the entire day. No.. We should think of drinking at regular interval. Most of us do not do so. We either forget to drink when we are not thirsty or we drink at once when we feel thirsty. Remember , if we feel thirsty then it means we are ignoring our body fluid requirement. Drink regularly.  Ignorance invites problem. Make a habit of drinking water at regular interval. It’s a good habit. If you find problem in maintaining this habit yourself then get this awesome little  gadget Ulla at a very nominal price. You will never be dehydrated again..

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