Dehydration and Heat Stroke relation

Heat stroke or heat exhaustion may occur if our body gets too hot. We may feel weak, dizzy, faster heartbeat, headache. It may happen during extreme exposure to sun and the person body does not sweat adequately to lower body temperature.

How dangerous it can be ?

Heat stroke is the most severe of all the ailments caused by heat. It’s a life threatening situation. It develops rapidly and the affected person may need emergency medical help.

Is dehydration and heat stroke related

To understand this we must first understand the cooling system of our body. When we are active our body produces a great amount of heat internally. This heat in normally condition is controlled or cooled by sweating which is a natural process of our body. But in some circumstances due to extreme heat and high humidity our body cooling system may not work properly and heat starts to build up to a dangerous level. And this ultimately results in heat stroke.

Now to answer the question, yes dehydration and heat stroke goes hand in hand. This is because to sweat properly during extreme exposure to heat our body needs adequate amount of fluid. This fluid is supplied by water to internal cooling system in our body. A dehydrated person may not have sufficient fluid in body to release sweat and hence inviting heat stroke condition.

What are the symptoms and cure

During heat stroke a person may seem disoriented, confused. He/She may have headache, dizziness, fatigue, dry skin , high blood pressure, rapid heart beat., unconsciousness.

Person with these symptoms must be brought out of the sun and indoors. Cool water be applied to the skin and then fanned. This process may stimulate sweating in the persons body. Ice packs should be applied to the armpits areas and groin. The person should also lie down with their feet elevated ,if possible, in an air-conditioned room. If condition is serious, the person should be taken to the hospital.

The Prevention

Wear light weight and loose fitting clothes in sun. Use sunglasses , Umbrella possibly to shield from sun. And the best way is to keep drinking plenty of water. Stay hydrated and we suggest to use a hydration reminder. The best and worlds first hydration reminder is the Ulla gadget. It’s the best way to stay hydrated in any condition and is being used by thousands of people worldwide.

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