Does dehydration harm mother and baby during pregnancy ?

A big Yes.. dehydration during pregnancy can do a world of harm to both pregnant woman and developing baby.

When we say dehydration, many people think that it’s a state when you feel thirsty. What we feel is that being thirsty is a state of extreme dehydration. Dehydration starts with other symptoms before we feel thirsty. We may feel dull, weak, headache, nausea, sickness and a hell lots of other things. Needless to say these are definitely not good in pregnancy.

It is very easy to get dehydrated in pregnancy

The baby inside makes extra heat that needs to be eliminated through mothers body. So pregnant woman is likely to sweat more than normal people. Still mom may not feel well enough to drink as much as her body wants. And it’s greatest effect is on mom than on baby. Mom may feel lightheaded, heart may pound or a nausea can develop,skin ,nose , mouth and lips can become dry. Slowly it can become big issue for the baby as well. So a pregnant woman needs more water than an average person.Water plays important role in healthy development of baby.

What it could lead to?

Dehydration during pregnancy may cause neural tube defect, low amniotic fluid, insufficient breast milk production and premature labor. And these defect could ultimately lead to birth defects.

How to avoid?

As you can guess, the single best prevention is Drink lots of water and drink at regular interval to keep body heat low during pregnancy. Our personal advice for pregnant women is to get this beautiful little gadget Ulla shown below to stay hydrated. It has a very nominal price and has helped thousands of people worldwide. It is there to help people and cost much less than the bill of a dinner in restaurant.


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