How drinking water helps to prevent and treat headaches

Headaches are one of the most common causes of pain particularly to 9-5 office job people.

A small negligence of dehydration can trigger headaches as well migraines in some individuals.In a meeting at British Migraine association (UK) several migraineurs have recognized fluid deprivation as one of their migraine triggers.

Symptoms of Dehydration headaches

  • headaches can occur at the front, back, side or all over the head.
  • dry mouth, sticky mouth, fatigue, increased blood pressure, and nausea
  • less urinating
  • darker yellow urine
  • cool, dry skin
  • muscle cramps

How to prevent dehydration headache

Several studies have shown that water helps to relieve headaches in those individuals who are dehydrated. However it may differ from person to person.

A study of 18-20 people found that water had no effect on the frequency of headaches but did help to reduce the intensity duration.

So the best way is to carry a water bottle with you and keep drinking at regular interval. And if you often forget to do this then get this cute little gadget below to remind you that it’s time to hydrate:

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